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Alright, i know i've been away for a very long time. (I wonder who is going to read this besides me.)
I've been super busy, or maybe, i'm addicted to another app now - Instagram.

Now, I'm a third year med student. In the past two months, I had to go to hospital everyday to learn history taking and physical examination. Studying and learning are more interesting this way. I actually enjoyed this, although life is hectic and depressing because of the workload and seeing some terminally ill patients.

Public health module now is killing me with all those extremely boring lectures. Honestly, listening to the lecturers' teaching were like listening to lullaby. I don't understand why can't they find some interesting way to deliver lecture, especially when the lecture contents are so dry! While sitting in the lecture hall, what i can do to prevent myself from falling asleep is reading novels. Since i'm going to participate in a academic competition in two months, i  might as well study other subjects during lecture.
I've always love drawing. Even though i'm super busy now, drawing is my way of releasing (it should be sleeping or exercising but i'm weird i know). Instagram is now like my little art gallery. I've no idea how people find me and follow, but i enjoy knowing someone loves my creations.

Next year this time, i'll have my elective posting in Austria and Belgium. I'm so looking forward to it!

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